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Coach Steve Schneider began working with children and chess when he taught his 6-year-old son to play. At that time in Georgia, there were no more than 3 tournaments opened to scholastic players per year. Now, there are often more than 3 scholastic tournaments per week.

Over his career as a chess educator, coach and author, Steve has developed a system and curriculum that works. Steve’s techniques build the foundations with structured activities that promote problem solving, improve math and reading skills and build self-esteem. This structured study encourages young girls to start and stay with chess, and it develops focus and concentration in quick and aggressive young boys.

To encourage more young players, Steve started afterschool chess leagues and team tournaments. The trend and educational research make it clear that chess works for students. Today, there are thousands of scholastic players and hundreds of events for them to play in across the country.

Steve has been instrumental in working with his partners to create Championship Chess®— a team of coaches, educators and curriculum writers who develop and implement scholastic chess educational packages. Championship Chess teams and students have been regional, state and national champions. Most importantly, these young men and women have become part of a team and have developed the skills to study, learn and stay in school.





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