Championship Chess Summer Online

Championship Chess teaches live online classes, combined with our web-based curriculum, the World of Chess and online game play

Championship Chess Clubs continue through our virtual outreach:

·       Our online curriculum, the World of Chess (WOC) is filled with instructional videos, downloadable information, interactive activities and game play. Students are engaged, have fun and are motivated to learn  ̶  and, simultaneously, earn Chess for Success Achievement Cards.

·       Our online live and streaming video lessons integrate with the World of Chess curriculum and are divided by level: NOVICE, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED.

·       Following live online classes, we conduct supervised online play for all students. We will also keep you informed about other chess  opportunities.

Here’s your SUMMER 2021 ONLINE registration information.

Classes start June 15 for our Novice Players, June 16 for our Intermediate Players and June 17 for our Advanced Players. Find out more about the breakdown of classes here.

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