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Chess is a learning tool for the development of the mind that just happens to be a game. Chess is making a strong contribution to children’s learning across the country. Studies and programs verify the learning benefits of chess for children.

Championship Chess®, a leader in scholastic chess throughout the U.S., develops strong players and successful programs.


Learning Tools: Our books and materials are developed by Coach Steve Schneider (, who has more than 40 years’ experience teaching chess, as well as chess experts and our professional staff of curriculum writers. Video coaching supports the workbook format with plenty of graphics, puzzles and activities to teach, motivate and challenge students, as does our unique interactive Pawn Games, Attack Chess and Practice the Openings CD-ROMs.


Color My Chess World for Pre-K – 2nd grade

Hands-on activities and a music CD help young children get ready to play chess as they develop reading and math readiness skills.

Chess Basics (Book, DVD and CD-ROM) for beginners

From identifying the pieces and how they move to check and checkmate, Chess Basics develops problem solving and chess skills incrementally.

Pawn Games Interactive CD-ROM and Guide supports Chess Basics

Build a more solid chess foundation one piece at a time. Quick, interactive drills and games improve skills and add excitement and fun to learning chess.

Attack Chess (CD-ROM Game Disk) for everyone

In chess, it’s essential to see the whole board. Find long-range attacks by the Rook, Bishop or Queen and see multiple forks of the Knight. Train your eye and increase your speed.

Chess Openings 1 (Book, DVD and CD-ROM) for those who know the basics of chess

Every game starts with an opening plan. Learn “Power Chess” with the most popular scholastic openings — how to play them, how to stop them.

Practice the Openings Interactive CD-ROM Game Disk 1

Refine your opening skills—learn the openings in “Demo Mode,” then time and test yourself as you play against the computer.

Endgame Strategies 1 (Book and DVD) for those who play

Play the endgame and win. Find the most common endgame patterns and learn how to checkmate and avoid stalemate.

Chess Tactics 1 (Book and DVD) for those who play

Tactics are critical to success in the middle game. Use challenging puzzles to learn, practice and test your tactical skills.

Math Logic on the Chessboard for upper elementary/middle school

The latest Championship Chess learning tool is a unique chess book focused on problem solving, critical thinking and mathematical practices. Whether or not students play chess, chess-related logic problems and puzzles challenge all learners.



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