Participant Name School Grade Section Byes USCF Rating
Challa, Karunya River Trail Middle 6 ALL
Challa, Kaundinya North View High 9 ALL
chenxiang, Xia brookwood ES 5th ALL 1084
Deshpande, AaryavD Kingsley Elementary 2nd ALL 516
Drissi, RyyanD Haw Creek Elementary 4th ALL
Fine, Ethan-Mate6 The Globe Academy 3 ALL
Ganapathy, Rayan Daves Creek Elementary School 2 ALL
Ganapathy, Rohan Lakeside Middle School 7 ALL
Kandi, NKSpeed Vickery Creek Middle 6 ALL 822
Kchinta346, Krish IA 9 ALL 1600
Krishna, Pranavkrs Daves Creek Elementary 5 ALL
kukkadapu, Srimegachess23 settles bridge elementary 5 ALL 1499
Morgan, Lakshmi Crews Middle School 6 ALL 1015
Muktinutalapati, MihirM31 Vanderlyn ES 3 ALL 0
Muktinutalapati, NikhilM35 Kittredge MS 6 ALL 316
Prasadam, Advik Abbotts hill elementary school 4 ALL
Rabanal, Alexander The Globe Academy 3 ALL
Thalluru, Tarun Innovation Academy 9 ALL


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