TOURNAMENTS: Our Philosophy

Why Should Young Players Compete?


Championship Chess® encourages tournament play at all levels. We believe chess tournaments give impetus to chess study; and, study needs the reward of play. It’s a fact. If you play in chess tournaments, your chess game improves.

We also make sure that tournaments are learning opportunities. Every tournament that we conduct or support will have Championship Chess® coaches there to analyze individual game play and help prepare for each new round. At national tournaments we’ll even have a Player’s Room, where players and their families come together to relax and learn in their own safe and comfortable space.

·       Tournaments are fun, competitive and character building! You have the chance to compete as an individual and as part of a school team.  

·       Tournaments help build self-esteem and confidence as you compete with students from other schools and other towns. Even if you’re not a top player in your own group, you may still be successful when playing outside competition.

·       Tournaments offer a chance for rated play where you can earn a national ranking. Watch your ranking improve as your chess skills improve.

·       You can be part of a team! Tournaments help you win respect from family, friends and teammates, as well as trophies.

Be part of exciting events — state, regional and even national tournaments. Travel out of town and stay overnight. Scholastic nationals are like the Super Bowl or World Series, only you’re not a spectator, you’re a player.
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for a calendar of local, state and national tournaments that Championship Chess coaches will attend. We go to events where we have a group from one or more schools playing.

Tournament Talk
 We'll keep you informed. At the club and through e-mails, we'll make sure our club participants know what's going on in chess locally and nationally.

Contact if you have questions about playing in tournaments.


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